StenoCAT for Scopists

Perfect for steno editing and proofreading

(does not include writer connectivity)

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Do you know steno? You may be able to earn money with this unique skill! Scoping students or reporting students can put their steno knowledge to work by offering court reporters efficient editing turnaround.

Are you an expert scopist doing expedites? Our software offers the most efficient editing features to quickly correct untranslates and punctuation mistakes in the transcript.

Spend less time while making more money! Using our industry-favored, intuitive SmartKeys™ helps you become an efficient editor and turn jobs around faster.

Our InSync auto scroll feature will allow for even faster editing by having the cursor automatically follow the audio during playback. InSync conveniently offers a Scopist playback in both mp3 and WAV audio file formats. This means the Scopist can work for a wide range of Reporters on various software versions of the last 10 to 20 years.

Coming from another CAT system? No worries! Our mission is to make it easy for you! Scopists using StenoCAT report that our product is easier to learn than any software they had used in the past.

Scopist version does not permit realtime or translation. Scopist version is not designed to originate transcripts.

Editing transcripts is by far quickest on the StenoCAT program, and I've tried them all.

S. Terry | Ohio


Scopist - 1 Year $369/yr
Startup Fee $249

Order Now: 1 Year

Software Features


Smart KeysTM

Intuitive and superbly efficient. Edit transcripts with fewer keystrokes. Record macros to customize your keys, or use a predefined key set.

InSync® Audio

Edit transcripts faster and more accurately. Automatically scroll playback cursor with the transcript. Allows for listening of both WAV and mp3 audio formats.


StenoCAT is designed for Windows. Allows for editing of jobs from reporters on various StenoCAT versions, old and new. Also works with RTF jobs imported from other CAT programs.

Save time, save keystrokes, search faster – perform an Internet search directly from within the StenoCAT Editor.

Larger Fonts

Give your eyes a rest with larger fonts in frequently used dialogs. Write and edit more comfortably using custom text zoom ratios.

Seating ChartTM

The name and location of speakers are tracked easily and efficiently with electronic name tags inserted by the Reporter. Use the seating chart to check accuracy.

Address Book

The contact info set up by the Reporter in the StenoCAT address book can be used to verify transcript entries.

System Recommendations

You’re a professional having to compete and excel in a high-pressure work environment. Do yourself a favor and get a good computer system to have the best foundation. Practice good computer hygiene by keeping your computer up to date with the latest Microsoft® Windows software updates. To have a good experience, we recommend having at least the following system setup:

Please Note

These are basic recommendations for the StenoCAT software. StenoCAT can run on many different system configurations. For questions about compatibility with your particular system, please contact our Sales Department.


[email protected]

Operating System

We prefer Windows 10, but 8.1 or 7-SP1 are good as well. Whichever operating system you are on, keep it updated with the latest patches from Microsoft®. It’s the best protection you can buy against viruses, hacks, and other undesirables, and keeping current also supports use of our latest features. If you are using an OS that Microsoft no longer supports, we won’t be able to support it either.


The better rated processors are Intel® Core i3, i5, i7, or the AMD™ equivalent.


At least 128 GB on your workstation. A computer with an SSD (solid state drive) is highly recommended but not required. Add an external hard drive for backups. Look into cloud storage solutions as well if you need mobility.

Memory / RAM

The absolute minimum is 8 GB.

USB Ports

We recommend a minimum of two ports for Scopists. hardware key requires 1 available USB port

Internet Access

An email account with a high-speed internet connection is required to manage your software license, update your accounts, and send/receive audio files. Use only modern-day browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE 11 or higher. Stop using the old web browsers – they have weak security. If you do banking or shop online, use only bank approved browsers. This is important protection for your personal data and for any data subject to HIPAA.

Audio Playback

You have many choices in selecting a windows media player, or you can use the default one that comes installed on your computer.

Optional Extras

  • USB flash drives, for temporary storage or transferring of files.
  • USB hub, converts one USB port into multiple USB ports.
  • External hard drives, for data backup.
  • Cloud storage solutions to exchange files with your reporters.


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How much is the StenoCAT Scopist Version?

Subscription – Our unique subscription plan option offers you the Scopist software, unlimited technical support, updates, and online webinars for the subscription period. There is a one-time nonrefundable startup fee. From that point on, you pay only the subscription rate (unless you let your subscription lapse). A subscription gives you the best security for keeping your software and skills up to date with the latest software features.

For a subscription rate of $369 annually, you have a single-user license of the Scopist Version for a twelve month term. If you are a new user, this will include startup training and a license security device. No long term contract is required.

After your first year as a subscriber, you may continue using StenoCAT by renewing your subscription at various intervals offered during your online renewal. When your subscription expires, your rights to use the license are also expired. A lapse fee may be required to reinstate a recently expired license.

Please visit our store to view any advertised specials available to new scopists.

Purchase - If you are not interested in the Subscription plan, just ask for the purchase option. If you opt to purchase the software, you will receive one year of software updates and support. Additional support and updates are available for an additional fee at the offer price.

What kind of computer do I need to run StenoCAT?

StenoCAT is designed for the Windows environment. Please see our System Recommendations section for detailed information.

How do I renew my subscription?

Your software will remind you to renew your subscription up to 30 days in advance of the expiration date. To maintain continuous service, we recommend you complete your renewal before the expiration date.

You may renew 24/7 by logging into your account on our website. Your customized page will present the various renewal interval options that you have for any given license. When you renew your subscription by completing the online sale, your key may be immediately activated for the new expiration date. Just follow the prompts through your software!

Lapsed subscriptions are subject to a reinstatement fee.

How do I get support?

You can login to your StenoCAT account on our website (see Help Center) and enter your question and callback information as a "callback request". This ticket is automatically linked to your license and immediately placed in the support callback queue. It is by far the fastest way to ensure you are next in line for a callback.

You can also call the toll-free support line 800-999-9199. Our support team answers calls live from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time between Monday and Friday. If a member is not available to take your call live, then you will have the opportunity to leave a voicemail. Please leave your license number, full name as registered on your license, a callback number, and a brief summary of the reason for your call. Voicemails are answered in the order they are received; however we prefer that you use our electronic callback request for more efficient response.

If you need a question answered over the weekend, we have an active message board where our customers exchange useful information with each other. You may find your answers there on the message board. Every license with an active support contract also has access to a knowledge base to search the answers to the most common questions.

Why is the hardware security key needed?

What About Keys?

Hardware keys help us protect the distribution or use of software by any party other than the licensed registered user. Your software will work only when the hardware key is connected to a USB port on your computer.

There are also keyless security options which can provide even further protection. Some of our products use the hardware key and others use the keyless method.

Our developers are working to transition all products to keyless virtual protection in future releases.

How do I replace a lost or stolen hardware key?

A new license will be required to continue using the licensed product. Please notify us immediately if you discover a loss or theft. Also contact your insurance company to see if your loss is covered. Your replacement cost will be the full cost of a new license, with any sales discounts that may be available at any given time.

If you do not wish to take the risk of this replacement cost, you may be able to purchase insurance to mitigate this loss.

How do I replace a defective hardware key?

Hardware keys come with a limited warranty that we extend to you. If one becomes defective within the first year we will replace it at no charge.

If your StenoCAT Scopist key is past the warranty period, there is a replacement fee of $85 (plus shipping).

You will also need to return the defective key before we will register the replacement key in your license. If you do not return the defective key, it will be considered to be a "key in use" and StenoCAT will invoice you for the full price of a second license, depending on the terms of your license and your specific profile. If your account remains in collection, your license will be ineligible for further support, renewal or updates.

800-909-9199 Sales Dept

Can I use my writer to practice with the Scopist version?

No. The Scopist version does not include writer connectivity. You need the reporter version to practice. You may easily upgrade to Reporter during your renewal process. Please contact Sales.

Can I copy ASCII into the Scopist version?

No, ASCIIs cannot be copied in. StenoCAT requires native StenoCAT files (.trn) or files from another CAT system (.rtf).

We are here to help you

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