Terms & Conditions

Method of Payment and Currency:

We accept debit cards and credit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. All sales are billed in US Dollars only.

Sales Tax:

Our nexus is in the state of California and you will be taxed according to state law.

Electronic Invoices:

Recent invoices are available online in the My Account tab. A login ID and password are required. You may view or print your invoices from there.

Shipping & Handling:

All shipments are via leading delivery services such as Federal Express, UPS or USPS. Most orders ship same business day if orders are received before 12 noon PST. (No shipping on Saturday, Sunday, or on Holidays.) Please allow additional time for international orders. If you have purchased a keyless product, no shipment is required.

International Orders:

Duties and taxes on international orders will be assessed by local officials and billed to you separately. There may also be additional freight charges applicable for particular destinations. You may email us with a request for a quote prior to placing your order. Some international locations do not support toll-free calling services. If you place your order, you understand that services may be limited to long distance international toll calls and Internet message boards. If you have purchased a keyless product, no shipment is required.

Software Subscription Sales:

Subscriptions provide the buyer with one single-user license to use the software during the limited time of the subscription. The subscription includes unlimited support and updates throughout the subscription period. When the subscription is expired, the license to access the software and support is also expired.

Software Subscription Renewals:

When you renew your annual subscription for another year, our online store will automatically add 365 days to your original expiration date on file. Your key may be immediately activated for the new expiration date. Some products may have shorter renewal options, but the extension will always add the selected term to the original expiration date. Lapsed subscriptions are subject to a lapse fee. If a lapse fee is paid, the expiration date will be from the date of renewal order.

Software Purchase Sales:

Purchased software provide the buyer with one single-user license to use the software. There is no expiration date. New purchasers receive support and updates for the first year after purchase. Thereafter, any additional support must be purchased at the market price. If the user is on the latest version, they may buy a 30 day support contract.

30-Day Support Contracts:

Support Contracts are sold in 30 consecutive calendar-day increments, beginning on the day of the sale and ending on the 30th calendar day. Live technical assistance via phone is not available on weekends or holidays. Contracts include the following:

  • Live technical assistance via phone
  • Access to select Webinars
  • Online Knowledge Base
  • Message Board

Message Board:

An online forum is available for licensed customers with active support contracts or current subscriptions to exchange technical information and professional help. Available 24/7; however, our support personnel moderate the board only during support business hours.

Customer Care ("Support"):

Customer care is available to licensed users with active support contracts or current subscriptions. Office hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST.

Return Policy:

A return fee may apply to newly purchased items if returned within the refund period stated on the invoice. These charges may vary between products, but are usually fifteen to fifty percent of your item list price. If promotional items are included in your sale, your refund may be limited to 50% of your total net sales invoice. Refunds are not available on startup fees, freight, subscription renewals, replacement parts, transcript access fees, or 30-day customer support purchases.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the allowed refund period, please contact us with a request for a return authorization number. We will provide you with instructions and a reference number. You may then return the product and all its components to us via certified mail or delivery service. When your return is received, your refund will be processed within five business days. We are unable to process refunds unless they are clearly labeled with return authorization number (i.e. RMA#).


All purchases through our website or through a telephone call will require you to read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement in order to complete your sale.

Last Updated: 26-March-2020