A Steno Writer App for the Apple iPad

  • Full-size on-screen steno keyboard
  • Instant Real-time Translation
  • Send Email messages, save your notes
  • Writing Speed Display (strokes-per-minute)
  • Import your own Dictionary (RTF-CRE)
  • Connect to your CAT system for realtime *
  • Transfer RTF-CRE files to your CAT system *
  • More features...


* A StenoDock license is required for PC connection features


StenoDock - The link between iStenoPad and your CAT System

Install StenoDock on your Windows based PC computer to allow iStenoPad to connect to your CAT system for real-time and file transfer functions. StenoDock is now available! Learn more.


iStenoPad Keyboard Overlay

Designed to work with the iStenoPad iPad App, the keyboard overlay is soft, flexible and durable, and gives tactile feedback with the touchscreen steno keyboard.

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  • A mobile steno writer App for the Apple iPhone
  • Write steno by swiping your thumbs across the screen
  • Send Text and Email Messages, and save your Notes
  • Import your own Dictionary (RTF-CRE)

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