Full Features List
Current Version: 8.0 for Reporter, Scopist, and Student Subscriptions

Operability & Compatibility

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 is recommended.
  • Latest Windows Updates from Microsoft are required.
  • Works with modern USB writers (e.g. Xpression, Luminex I and II, Mira, Fusion, Diamante, Passport Touch) as well as student writers and most older writers.
  • Import and Export RTF/CRE format for transcripts or dictionaries.
  • Keyless license security.

Wireless Connectivity

  • Compatible with the latest wireless devices.
  • Connect browsers wirelessly using our Streaming product TrialBook®.


  • 100+ realtime commands to improve your writing.
  • CART Screen - Separate window for your realtime feed, displayed in a customizable format.
  • Instant Refresh - Compatible with all industry recognized realtime browsers. Automatically refresh your viewer screens with your edit changes during realtime output with TrialBook and Bridge protocol.
  • Smart Briefs - automatically suggest steno for briefs or demand your own briefs; display briefs in steno or phonetics.
  • Seating Chart - On-the-fly speaker identification; display and store the seating chart with each job.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Outputs - Broadcast Realtime session to any number of Devices and COM Ports
  • Realtime Speed Display (WPM = words per minute)
  • Realtime Output local or remote to your judge / attorneys
  • Instant Edit - Write realtime directly into Editor, where you can make changes instantly.
  • Write realtime on one job and edit another in a split screen.
  • Automatic Translation:
    • Smart ending and Smart suffix
    • Automatic Conflict Resolution
    • Number Conversion (digits, words, SSN, phone, zip, time, date, etc.)
    • Edit from either your keyboard or your writer
    • Time Stamping (both elapsed time and time of day)
    • Fuzzy Logic Translation for mistrokes
    • Append to previous job option

InSync® (Audio Synchronization)

  • Record audio in mp3 format while writing.
  • Automatic scrolling moves the cursor down each line as you play back the realtime audio.
  • Audio is linked directly with your transcript, for precision playback
  • Auto un-Pause record options
  • Control audio recording directly from your steno machine.
  • Variable audio playback speeds - playback fast or slow
  • Split transcripts with audio
  • Merge transcripts with audio
  • Shortcut keys to play, stop, rewind, fast forward, and pause.

Time-Saving Editing Features

  • File Backup - Automatically saves another copy of the transcript with audio to your computer, a flash drive, or a cloud service of your choice.
  • SmartKeys - Single Keystroke Home-Row Editing.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-remember keystrokes for all of your editing needs.
  • CATScan - an efficient approach to Editing & Proofing
  • Auto Indexing - customize layout to meet ever-changing demands
  • Address Book - save and retrieve contact information

Fully-Customizable Editor

  • Predefined (but customizable) Smart Keys
  • Ability to record Macros, and assign custom keystrokes
  • Use customizable large fonts in numerous dialogs
  • Display options: document zoom, view steno, localscope, dictionary
  • Color coded conflicts, untranslates, fields, improved spell-check, and more

Transcript Delivery

Secure PDF – full text searchable PDF transcripts with bookmarks and digital signatures.
Meets requirements of latest Rules of Court in many jurisdictions

Transcript formatting

  • With templates - "virtual cookie-cutters" for your jobs.
  • Easily reformat transcript layout to meet your requirements.
  • Make and save your own templates from current transcripts.

Read Notes

  • Preview notes before you copy them into your system
  • Merge and read jobs as one
  • Batch naming and reading
  • Import audio from audio-compatible steno machines.

Explorer Interface for total control

  • Your StenoCAT Command Center
  • Easy to organize files, jobs by name, date modified, date created, size, pages, etc.
  • Easy Copy In and Out dialog box
  • Add comments to transcript jobs (e.g. payment due by XX/XX/XX date)
  • Easy organizational structure, by Jobs, Dictionaries, Templastes, Cases

File-Type Conversion

  • Export to ASCII (.txt format)
  • RTF/CRE Compatible
  • PDF output - with digital signatures

Getting Started

  • Initial Setup wizards, etc.
  • Pre-designed templates for formatting
  • Sample transcripts and dictionaries
  • Online and built-in tutorials
  • Wizard walk through processes like formatting, setup, conversions, and more
  • New user training classes available
  • One-on-one remote training available
  • Full and complete training videos available
  • Webinars available

InstaBuild Dictionary build program

  • Allows students to build their dictionaries using a pre-defined word list.
  • Experienced reporters can use InstaBuild to improve the robustness of their dictionaries by utilizing customized word lists.

Customer Care & Online Help

  • Knowledge Base
  • Downloads
  • Message Boards
  • Software Updates
  • Live Training Webinars
  • Online Video Training Library

Last Updated: 4-May-2022